About Us


At Queensland Allergy Services we have three very experienced allergy clinicians who will provide a tailored consultation aimed at educating about allergies for better quality of life. In some instances desensitisation to problem allergens such as dust mite and grass pollens, can provide an effective “cure” for problem airway symptoms.
Before arranging an appointment with one of our doctors you will need to obtain a referral from your doctor. Due to the specialised nature of our service waiting periods can sometimes be lengthy. Priority is given to infants and young children and any person who has experienced a severe allergic reaction.


After taking a careful clinical history and testing for allergies if necessary, we teach you how to manage your reactions. Allergic disease can affect one or more of the body systems so education about management can be quite complex and involve skin care, treating the airway and managing diet as well as educating about the role of environment. By addressing each problem we can improve the chance of successful outcomes.


At the time of the appointment we can test for a wide range of food and environmental allergens to pinpoint the triggers for allergic symptoms.